Guidelines to Students

We at Brilliant Pre University college have a basic set of guidelines for each student to ensure that they learn well and pave the right path for themselves. These values and guidelines will not just make their time at our college fruitful but also help them grow and achieve glory and respect.

  • Education is a privilege. Always be attentive, studious, diligent and sincere.
  • Every teacher is a friend, philosopher, and mentor. Always be respectful towards your educator and reach out to them whenever you need any help or guidance.
  • Education is for a character. Cultivate morality in your conduct and behaviour. These values will take you a long way in life.
  • Education and discipline go hand in hand. Always adhere to rules and regulations.
  • College is a “Temple of Learning”. Always uphold the dignity, decorum, and repute of the college and farewell in all our endeavours.